Motivational Speaking for the Inspired Executive and Entrepreneur

Introducing The Charisma Course, Mary Gardner

How would it impact your business if you were selected as a public speaker at major events where your potential clients are?

Discover your inner genius and how to present it on stage as a public speaker! Learn best practices of how to market your speaking and how to get more gigs by working with agents and bureaus!

This program is EXTREMLY limited. WE will close at 15 people!

A message from Mary Gardner:

It is a known fact, if you stand up in front of an audience and speak with conviction and passion, you will considered to be an authority and credible. As a matter of fact, being a good speaker can not only draw more business to your company, but it can open up different opportunities, and build a  national brand.


Many of us are speakers, but really, think about it.  Take a minute and ask yourself:

  1. How do you know if you’re really as good as you can be?
  2. Have you been coached by a professional to know where you can improve?
  3. Have you ever wondered how speakers get selected to be a workshop leader or keynoter?
  4. Did you know that speakers can get an agent but that there are inside tips on how to do that?
  5. Have you wondered how speaking could enhance your career and business?

If you have wondered about any of those questions, then I have an invitation for you!

I have been working with individuals and small groups only for many years. 

During the weekly coaching, I use my gifts and experience to help transform your speeches, and turning your quirks into assets, and your fears into fearlessness.  The process of growing a speech takes time, and building a speaking business can be challenging, but having a group of supporters to share ideas and to help each other will make the process fun!

The results of my coaching have been transformational and it has been only available on a limited basis.  I have had thousands of requests to “pick my brain” as I am one of the only former celebrity agents who is now a coach.  And as a former lecture agent, I learned what it took to bring an audience to their feet with a rousing standing ovation!  I was able to coach my speakers to get more publicity, taught them how to be requested more often, and how to work better with the other agents and the meeting planners.

I’ll tell you more about how to get this information in a minute but what I want you to understand:

Mary Gardner

The Charisma Coach

Mary Gardner is a former celebrity lecture agent, publicist and owner of a coach training institute, who has been coaching speakers for 20 years.  She’s coached speakers such as Billie Jean King, Martina Navratilova, Mark Kelly (Astronaut), Peggy Fleming, Mike Hayes (NFL Hall of Famer) Bernard King (NBA), Nyle DiMarco (winner of America’s top Model and Dancing with the Stars) Mia Tyler (daughter of Stephen Tyler), NFL Players, Olympians, CEOS, Entrepreneurs, and Authors.


If you do this you will::


Be able to create a message that will influence, inspire and educate


Be able to practice a message that will continue to evolve and be refined


Learn the ins and outs of taking a quantum leap in your speaking career

In the classes my goal is to help you understand WHO you can be as a speaker. I want you to be able to create a vision for yourself of what you want as a speaker. Do you want to create a TED talk? Do you want to have a workshop series? Do you want to be able to stand in front of an audience and dazzle them with your unique way of putting concepts together?

I truly believe that each of us has a genius inside of us.  Some are going to find a home speaking to high school audiences, and some are going to be more comfortable at the corporate level.  There is room for each of them but the key is to find that place and then to be able to create a plan of action to achieve your goals as a speaker there.

The coaching is so important because you will get the advantage of having a professional coach be able to see WHERE you fit in, WHAT type of audiences will resonate with you, WHY you need to be speaking on your topic and also HOW that topic fits with popular trends.  Sometimes this shows up as a new brand, or identity and sometimes your purpose becomes crystal clear.  Those moments are amazing, and they await you!

What is in the Training for Motivational Speaking for the Inspired Executive and Entrepreneur:


5 Transformational Modules

10 Transformational Modules – 

Each module is designed to take you on a journey of understanding your special uniqueness, learn how to take your story telling to the next level and to have a plan of how to create your speaking into a sideline business


Powerful Audios

Powerful Audios and Videos – 

Examples to keep you going and training to keep you moving forward

There will be examples of other speakers’ videos


Downloadable Transcripts

Downloadable Transcripts – 

Download the text and forms to your computer to save so when you need them they will be available.  Templates, contracts, contract riders, and other important papers you need when working as a professional speaker.

Motivational Speaking for the Inspired Executive and Entrepreneur Overview


What is Your Brand? Your purpose? 

How To Begin…

  • Understanding your WHY
  • Figuring how WHAT is the path
  • WHO is your demographic?

Writing the Speech

Creating something out of nothing

  • The format
  • The stories
  • Adding the icing

Writing the Speech Part 2


  • Tips from the experts
  • What makes the speech pop
  • Emotion versus the practical

Going for the Standing “O”


  • Your story
  • Your delivery
  • Your charisma and authenticity
  • Speaker examples

Letting the World Know You’re a Speaker


  • Your online presence
  • Social media
  • You Tube
  • Podcasting
  • Media and PR

Marketing Your Business as a Speaker

  • Email marketing
  • Website marketing
  • Video and collateral
  • Online courses


Working with Agents and Bureaus

  • The difference between agents and bureaus
  • Why to seek bureau relationships
  • How to become a favorite speaker of the agents


Additional Income Streams for the Speaker

  • Writing the book
  • Becoming an influencer
  • Representing products
  • Spokesperson work


Working with Meeting Planners

  • What the meeting planner does
  • How to get their attention
  • Developing a website to attract meeting planners


Creating Your Calling Card – Writing a Book

  • Coming up with a topic
  • Developing a catchy title
  • Writing the book
  • Becoming a best seller


Working as a Professional Speaker

  • Interviews with professional speakers
  • The Pitfalls
  • The glamour and the inside scoop
  • Real life budgets and income


Open Coaching Day