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Your Stage Is Waiting

Your personal story has the power to impact every area of your life. This workshop was designed with that in mind.

Workshops In Orlando, FL

We invite entrepreneurs, thought leaders, sales professionals, authors, social influencers and experts who have a desire to share their story - on stage - in such a way as to motivate, educate and inspire others!

With social media opening the door for millions to tell their story, how will you stand out? Are you able to speak in such a powerful way as to inspire others to take action?

In our next workshop in Orlando, Mary and her team will work with you to help you reveal your unique story and learn to communicate it. We help you determine your brand and create the framework for your pitch platform and speech. Then with expert guidance, Mary will lead you through your own SIGNATURE KEYNOTE SPEECH ensuring you deliver a confident, engaging and professional presentation; one that evokes a standing ovation.

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Summary of Orlando Workshop:

Three day workshop will include the following…

  • Gain clarity about your brand and topics that will create interest and brand loyalty
  • Learn specific exercises to eliminate the fear, and to create a dynamic presence both on stage and in person
  • Learn what words to use so you motivate and inspire an audience to take action in order to make more sales, close more deals and supercharge your career
  • Write your Signature Keynote Speech with specific ideas of where to give it or book yourself
  • Practice on stage with Mary to become a master storyteller so your skills will open new doors for you personally, your career and your company.
  • Receive 7 tips to be noticed, admired, and charismatic so that people will pick up the phone and call you.
  • Discuss the social media must-haves that create instant credibility to enhance your sales
  • And much, much more

Would you like to be considered for one of the limited workshop spaces? Schedule a 30-minute preliminary Q&A to assess whether the workshop is a good fit for you. 

Consultations will be accepted Tuesday, June 26 through Tuesday, July 3.

From Scared To The Stage

From Scared To The Stage

A 3 Day Workshop for Former Professional Athletes


Inspirational Speakers Academy will offer a 3 day intensive workshop that takes former professional athletes and fast tracks them into confident public speakers who can begin getting paid to speak on stages.

Summary of Three Day Workshop:

Three day workshop will include the following…

  • One hour online workshop prior to traveling to the workshop to go over pre-workshop assignments.
  • One hour of one-on-one market positioning discovery with each attendee prior to traveling to workshop.
  • Full day of classes and interactive exercises centered around getting over the fear of public speaking, polishing
    presentation skills and learning techniques like tie downs, echoes, etc.
  • Evening workshop that prompts thought leadership and guides athletes towards discovering the basis of their why, their cause and their signature keynote.
  • Attendees will work with brand strategists and writers and actually write their signature key note throughout the 3 days, leaving the workshop with a written speech.
  • Professional headshots and lifestyle portraits will be taken of each attendee throughout the 3 days. Because we will only accept 10-12 participants in each workshop, they will each be given a 2 hour block for photos, scattered throughout day 2 and 3. Photo styles will be discussed PRIOR to travel for the workshop on a personal video conference with a branding strategist so each attendee will be prepared with appropriate wardrobe and necessary props and locations can be scouted for each attendee.
  • Each attendee will receive a 5 page website after the workshop. All content for this website will be gathered during the 3 day workshop and delivered post-workshop.
  • During the Course of the workshop strategic partner of the Inspirational Speakers Academy, Thoughtfly, will capture footage of each attendee in various simulated situations. Footage will later be available to be edited together to create a sizzle real for each participant for their website. (Cost of editing is additional and varies for each attendee)
  • Simulated stage with high production value. Lights, podium, backdrop, etc. This stage can be utilized during the 3 days for social media capture, for practice experiencing being on stage, for video and photography capture, etc.

Mary Gardner

Mary Gardner is the founder of Inspirational Speakers Academy and Mary Gardner Communications. Part talent scout, part “charisma coach”, Mary turns idiosyncrasies into assets and is not only inspiring as a speaker, she has a gift for pulling out the inspiring qualities within her clients; harnessing their magic and channeling it into inspiring, life-changing stories.